SEO Gigs On Legiit – Add Another Level To Your Career

There are several reasons why freelance writing can become a great career. And if you want to take charge of your income, there are platforms that can help you reach your goal. One of them is called Legiit, and it connects buyers and sellers in many different areas. But if you only want to create SEO gigs on Legiit, you are at liberty to do so. But you should never limit yourself when there are so many areas you might be able to add to your portfolio.

SEO Gigs

A Basic Overlook Of Legiit

When you go to the Legiit homepage, you’ll find several gigs already on display. These range from content marketing and videos to songwriting and much more. In this case, you are interested in setting up an SEO gig where you sell your services as a writer.

What makes this platform so great is that it brings sellers and buyers to a common area. And instead of you having to worry about marketing yourself the whole time, buyers can find you on Legiit. In other words, you are looking at a passive way to market your writing skills.

How To Create SEO Gigs On Legiit?

It’s pretty easy to get started, and you start by registering an account. From there, you set up your portfolio, which buyers can view when they visit the platform. However, you need to do more than just list your skills and price. Instead, try to be as in-depth as possible.

For example, display samples of your work and definitely add a picture to your profile. Show buyers that you are professional in every sense of the word and that they can trust in your ability just by going through your portfolio.

Build A Reputation And Get Reviews

Chances are you are going to start off slow. Given that there is some competition on the platform already, you’ll quickly notice the people who get the most attention from buyers. These are the freelancers that focus on getting good reviews. Because good reviews give them more visibility.

The advice here is to take on every project like it is your last one. Seeing as you want to build a good reputation and rake in those reviews, it is important to have substance behind your name on Legiit.

Adjust Your Price According To Experience

At first, you might want to think about offering affordable service. But this is just to get your foot in the door. Remember, you need to crawl before you can walk, and reaching success is all about consistency. So try to focus less on money during the initial stages.

And after you have gained some ground and increased your reputation as a writer, you can really make the SEO gig on Legiit work for you.

There Are No Magic Buttons

Even though you will never discover the magic button to easy money, a platform like Legiit helps a lot to simplify the process. But it takes effort and commitment on your part to see it through, but unlike Fiverr, Legiit gives you a chance to succeed.